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Noxious Weeds In Ontario

This listing of noxious weeds was compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

To learn more about these weeds simply click on each of the links.

Table of Contents

  1. Common Barberry
  2. European Buckthorn
  3. Bull Thistle
  4. Canada Thistle
  5. Wild Carrot
  6. Colt’s Foot
  7. Dodder
  8. Goat’s Beard
  9. Johnson Grass
  10. Knapweed
  11. Milkweed
  12. Nodding Thistle
  13. Poison Hemlock
  14. Poison Ivy
  15. Proso Millet
  16. Ragweed
  17. Yellow Rocket
  18. Russian Thistle
  19. Scotch Thistle
  20. Sow Thistle
  21. Cypress Spurge
  22. Leafy Spurge
  23. Tuberous Vetchling
  24. Giant Hogweed

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